Back To School Buying Guide #BTSSavings

We teamed up with to bring you a Back To School Gear List.  This post contains Affiliate Links

Its that time of year we are all gearing up for the big day back to school.  Finding what you need and what your kids want gets harder and harder every year.  Now has put together a fantastic new guide that will have you shopping in no time and getting that list done.  All with some great savings.


I have to say one of my favorite items on the Back to School Guide is the HP Printer.  I can not tell you how many things these days have to be printed at home.  Even permission slips are now just emailed over.  Having this ready at your fingertips will make not only your kids school year easier but also yours.

When you are gearing up for this years back to school list make sure to check out this great guide.  There are always things i forget till after the first day.  Don’t be like me, be prepared for everything this year.



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