Santa Fake New Christmas Movie you are going to love

We got Santa Fake free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.  This post has affiliate links


Santa Fake is here and I loved it.  I am always looking for a great new Christmas movie.  This is a story that starts off with a little baby (Pat) being told he is going to be special.  We jump ahead meany years and are now watching that same young man trying to make it in America.   I was truly wondering what was going to be so special about him.


He gets a job with what he thinks is a nice older guy and it soon shows that the older man is not so nice.  Pat has to decide what to do and ends up finding a whole new life he never thought of.  With the help of a few new friends he soon discovers what he was always meant to do.

Santa fake is a new heart warming tale I have not seen before.  A lot of times all our Christmas movie are just the same old story.  Santa Fake is going to tell you a whole new story.  Yes we still have adventure , love and a little mystery but like you have not seen from a Christmas movie before.

I loved Santa Fake movie not only have it fun to watch but it keep me on my toes.  This is sure to be a new Christmas classic.