6 Budget-Friendly Home Renovations

Are you looking to revamp your home and achieve a new look, comfort, or in preparation for a sale? When one thinks of home renovations, they think of how expensive it is and sometimes decide otherwise. However, with proper planning, you can transform your home with a single, budget-friendly project.

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Below are ideas on budget-friendly home renovations.

Update your kitchen cabinets and countertops

If you have old cabinets, they may be making your kitchen dreary. Consider refreshing them with a fresh coat of paint instead of replacing them. Alternatively, change a few upper cabinet doors from wood to glass to highlight entertaining serving pieces and glassware. Countertops are the focal points of your kitchen in most cases. Use cost-effective materials such as butcher block and quartz.

Use removable wallpaper

If you have ever attempted to install wallpaper on your own, you may cringe at the thought of doing it again. However, using removable wallpaper is an affordable and stylish way to add patterns and brighten your space. You can use different colors and patterns of removable wallpaper in various rooms to create some extra detail. This could be your living area, bedroom, bathroom, and your front stair steps.

Update flooring

New flooring can give your home a different feel. If you have been using the same carpet for years, it’s probably time to check underneath and see if you have usable hardwood flooring. A new floor could mean a long-lasting project and expensive labor. Consider peel-and-stick flooring options that you can do by yourself or warm them up with new paint in a different pattern.

Paint walls

An alternative to wallpaper is adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls. With the right equipment, you can do a great job of renovating your home yourself. If you have dull or written-on walls by kids, giving them a fresh coat of paint will brighten them and give you a different reality. Ensure you paint room by room, paying attention to detail instead of slathering paint on the walls.

Change your window treatments

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you may want to increase natural lighting or tone it down. You can add detail to your home at pocket-friendly costs by installing shutters in rooms such as the study and bedrooms. If you want to incorporate more natural lighting, consider using bright sheers and clear glass windows.

When taking a closer look at your windows – you may notice that they are a little worse for wear. For example, they may be slightly chipped or scratched due to exposure to bad or stormy weather. In these cases, you may need to consider replacing the entire frame – as what starts as a small crack can quickly develop into a real problem. Thankfully, the process of replacing your windows does not need to be costly or even expensive – in fact, many companies now offer same day window repair services. Changing out your windows could also give you the chance to make your home more energy-efficient, especially if you opt for double-glazing.

Shop around for affordable supplies

Kitchen appliances could create a big difference. To ensure you stay on top of your budget from your vpf account, shop around for deals on a quality refrigerator, cooktop stove, and dishwasher. If you are conducting the renovations on your own, shop for supplies that are discounted or on sale. These may include paint roller brushes, ladders, drills, nails, and tools to refurbish your furniture.

Bottom Line

You can renovate your home without incurring hefty costs. Try as much as possible to conduct the renovations on your own by painting the walls, repairing kitchen cabinets, and doors. Shop around for affordable supplies, update your flooring and countertops, and change your window treatments. A great alternative to painting is to install removable wallpaper and ask a professional to fix structural issues.