Pokemon where to start

I have been collecting Pokemon on and off for over 25 years.  As most have seen from my social media I have quite the collection now.  A lot of people have asked where to get started , The answer to this depends on what part of pokemon you want to collect.  I know a ton of people that only collect their favorite Pokemon and they collect everything for that one Pokemon. People like me collect everything from cards to plush to plates and cups.

The most popular to collect is the cards.  They come out with a few sets a year and we are all trying to pull the most expensive & rarest Pokemon cards.   I have discovered threw the year that while we are all chasing the pull this can be very expensive, you have no way of knowing what will be in each pack.  I like to buy the packs, but for the cards I really want I have found it is better to buy the one card you are looking for in a single.  There are many places that are safe to buy these cards.

Pokemon cards value are still going up in value every day.  For the rarest cards in the newer deck you can still pull a $400 card.  Pokemon is one of the few collectables that keeps going up in value and I don’t see this changing in the years to come.  Pokemon has a huge fan base that just keeps getting better every year.  I am wondering how this will go now that the Anime is retiring Ash.

If you are collecting the plush this will also take some time and research.  There are a lot of fakes out there and if you want just official plush they are our there and there are even regionals that you can collect.  I love to get the exclusives from Japan they have quite a collection in Japan that we do not get here. I know a girl that just collects the pins and there are so many to collect her collection just gets better and better every year.

There is so much to collect and do with Pokemon.  Our family loves playing Pokemon Go it is s great way to spend the afternoon with family getting out and moving.  The Pokemon games have been a huge hit for many years.

When you start your Pokemon collection my first suggestion would be to do you research join a few facebook groups the people on there are always helpful and make sure to do your research on the company’s you are buying from.  Then have fun this is a fun hobby with a lot of awesome fellow collectors.