4 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Appear Expensive Outside

Your home tells a story about you to the outside world. So, it’s not just the inside that matters, but what your property looks like from the street. The following four inexpensive ways will help make your home look expensive and increase curb appeal at little cost.

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The first way to improve the exterior of your home is by installing better lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference in how appealing any space appears. In addition, installing beautiful outdoor lights makes it easier for guests and family members to enjoy their time at your home and adds value when you want to sell or rent out the property. 

The good news about this cheap improvement project? They’re easy enough that most homeowners can DIY! You won’t be able to install anything too elaborate without hiring an electrician, though. 

One popular option is installing light fixtures with LED bulbs because they have a long lifespan. Another area light option is solar lighting which is energy-efficient, durable, and a great source of investment.

Gardening and Landscaping

Homeowners often spend a significant amount of time and money on their landscaping to create curb appeal. While you may not have the budget for an expensive landscape, there are still ways that you can improve your home’s appearance with less investment than outside plants or hardscape features. 

Try using things like mulch, rocks, logs, or roots to add depth and interest around your foundation, adding a trellis near window boxes so they’re functional while also attractive, and installing hanging flower pots from cleats attached to gutters along the roofline.

Beautiful landscaping is the first thing neighbors notice and a great way to make your home look cared for and loved. Not only does this help with curb appeal, but it also makes your home comfortable to live in all year round.

Update Doors and Windows

Door and window updates are some of the most inexpensive ways to make your exterior look expensive. See if you can get a quote for new front doors or have an estimate on replacement windows (or both!) before you start making decisions about other changes that might be more costly. 

The best part is these two improvements will likely last longer than any paint job!

Add/ Change Colors

One way to make your home appear expensive outside is by adding or changing the color of your house. Different colors will convey a different message about how you want people to feel when they look at it. If you are looking for an investment property, then one idea might be to paint the house in a neutral color like gray so that potential buyers can picture themselves living in it while still seeing its quality and style. 

Another idea would be to paint the exterior red to give passersby feelings of warmth and comfort and make them think there’s more space inside than exists! 

For any other type of homeowner, creating ambiance with color could take many forms: some homeowners may choose to embrace their individuality with bright pinks; others may prefer a more earthy, serene color such as green.


There are many inexpensive ways to make your home appear expensive outside, and it does not have to be time-consuming! The best part about these ideas is that they won’t break the bank for you to achieve a modernized look of your house’s exterior. Instead, spending just five minutes on each project will do wonders and may even save money in the future, which could lead to higher selling prices when listing homes for sale down the road.