All you need to know about the new trends in kitchen designs

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, then there are certain important considerations that you

need to keep in mind in order to get the best results in your home. One of the first things that you need

to evaluate is what you really want to do, what is your budget, and how do you want the project to look

like. After this, it is important to lookup on the internet and then you need to compare the kind of trends

in the market. Some of them are listed in this article:




a) The kitchen is being turned into a place where the family can come together and enjoy themselves

rather than just being a functional area for cooking and preparing food. The furniture designs are not

just limited t the cooking work but also add a warm and welcoming touch to the entire room.

b) There is a trend towards airy shelving. When the shelving is open and airy, it makes the space more

personalized as well as it feels lively and inviting.

c) Character and interest is added by incorporating wall paper that compliments the kitchen. This can be

either totally contrasting or with a simple color palette.

d) Designs that use traditional elements but in a modern way are more in demand. The ultra-sleek

contemporary kitchens are being replaced by homely ones. This reflects in the textures, materials and

colors that are used. Those cabinet doors which were flat panel are now replaced with classic doors. A

mixture of materials such as wood and stainless steel or wood and marble are being used.

e) Ceilings are being given a personality as well. This is done by the use of lighting and coffer ceilings or


f) Warmer metals are replacing the cool metals like silver, stainless steel and chrome. These warmer

metals are bronze, copper and gold finished ones.

g) The textures are more raw and natural rather than high glossy and smooth ones.

h) Black emerges as a dominant tone in kitchens. It is sophisticated, classic and timeless.

i) The wall cabinets should not make the kitchen top very heavy. The kitchens should look more airy and


j) Geometric patterns are no longer in vogue, what is replacing it are elegant and repetitive motifs.

k) For the ease of the occupants, plumbing pedals can be added to the sink and can be turned on by the

foot. This is especially useful as turning on and off the faucet with messy hands is a huge issue faced           by most home owners.

l) The combination of colors for example ornamental granite when coupled with zebra hardwood floors

makes the kitchen design look textured and layered. When this is added to a glass backsplash a                  unique focal point is created.

m) The trend is also to resemble a rustic cabin in the wood. This is done by hickory cabinets which are

added to marble tile top to the counters, backsplash made of ceramic tiles and this can be coupled

with ceramic floors as well. When custom paint, windows and lights are added, this adds a fresh look        to the setup.

n) In order to incorporate the island to the new design, it should be painted a different color and the top

should be stained with another color.

o) Kitchen organizers are very essential when designing a kitchen. A suitable organizer that goes with             the décor is needed or it can be incorporated in the cabinets.


When you consider the above mentioned points it will be easy for you to get new kitchen design for your


Guest post written by Mary Mathis for Tabbys pantry

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