Natures Logic Cat Food


How do you feel about your cat?  Our fuzzy friend is part of our family he has been with us for 15 years and he is still like a kitten.  When it comes to Tiger he is a picky eater.  It’s hard to find a good food that he likes and is good for him.  With Nature’s Logic, we have found not only a dry food that he loves but he devoured the wet food.


I thought for sure the chicken wet food would be his favorite, but when I opened the rabbit he went completely nuts.   The three wet cat food flavors we tried were Chicken, Rabbit, and Sardine he loved them all.  I am so excited I found a better food for him that he loves.


Nature’s Logic is made with whole foods, no synthetics are ever added.  The first ingredient in this food is high protein.   If you are new to the cat world they even have a suggested feeding guide on the back.  You never know when you get a new cat.  Tiger is very good he eats till he is full then he is done so we can fill a feeder for him.  I used to have a cat that if there was food she would eat it.  She could not have a feeder she would eat it all and beg for

If you get a special present for your furry friend this year make sure to check out Natures Logic.  It’s a great present for you and for them.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review

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