Natra Cure Deep Hydrating Mitts


OMG are you are tired of dried cracked hands as I am? There is just a few weeks in between winter and summer that my hands are fine. Other than that they are always dry and cracked and I hate it. Now for winter and summer I have found my saving grace. The hydrating gloves from Natra Cure are not only relaxing but they have done wonders for my hands.

IMG_7897    IMG_7899

They are so easy to use just warm up and put your hands in. I have used these while sleeping and just while watching tv. If your hands are sore from typing all day they also help to relax the muscles. At first I was wondering how hard they would be to get on they have like a rubber inside but they just slipped right on.

   IMG_7900    IMG_7901

Natra Cure has a wide range of products to help everyday aches and pains and ones that just won’t ever go away. The web site is very easy to use. Just pick a body part that is hurting you and scroll through the different products they have to help you. I have had the chance to try out a few of their products and I have loved them all. Make sure to also connect with them on Facebook and twitter for all their latest news and products.


I would like to note all though I got this movie for free all opinions are 100% mine.