Motor accidents: looking after your kids

No parent wants to hear that their child has been involved in a motor accident. Whether they were with you, with a friend or relative or on a school bus (yes, school bus accidents happen), you will feel incredibly worried and distressed. You will immediately want to know if your child has any injuries and whether you need to seek legal representation. As parents, it’s important that we create a good impression for our children, and this means responding to the accident in the correct way. So, what can you do to look after your child after a motor accident? 


Stay calm

Immediately after you’ve heard about the accident, you may feel a sense of panic. This is totally natural, as you will want to know that your child is OK. But it’s important to stay calm. It won’t help your child if you are stressed and scared – they need you to look after them and reassure them, especially if they are in a state of shock. So, once they’re home, it might help to try to relax them by putting on a film or television series they like, making them a meal or running them a bath. If you are calm, they will be too. 


See a doctor

If your child has serious injuries, they will most likely have already been taken to the emergency room. However, if the motor accident wasn’t severe, you may still wish to get your child checked out by a medical professional. Sometimes injuries can appear several days later, and children are much more susceptible to broken bones than adults. But, on the plus side, they bounce back quicker than we do – so even though it will be distressing to see your child injured, they are more likely to make a full, speedy recovery. Whatever the situation, it’s important to make sure that you get your child checked out, just for peace of mind.


Get a lawyer

If your child was injured in the accident, you may wish to think about getting legal representation. A lawyer will be able to represent your child if the case goes to trial, and therefore it’s important to make sure you choose a lawyer you trust. To do so, make sure you meet with several lawyers face to face and ask the right questions. You will get a gut feeling about who is right and who you trust to represent your child.  



Many children will feel shaken up after a motor accident. It’s a distressing thing to happen to anyone, and children are emotionally fragile. If your child shows signs of anxiety or stress following the accident, you may wish to consider getting them to speak to a therapist. Child therapists are trained in the art of communicating with children, and will be able to establish a good, trusting relationship. Your child will be able to vocalise their thoughts and have an outlet for their anxiety after the trauma.