Mojimoto for your Stocking

OMG a rainbow poop you all know I am in love, but it gets even better you can record 8 second on your Mojimoto.  He will repeat what you say and his little mouth even moves when he is talking.  Don’t know what you want to record no worries he also will lip sink with your music.


Now if poop is not your thing no worries they have other Mojis that you are going to love.  They have 8 different ones to choose from.  They have Blue Monkey, Golden Puppy, Cheeseburger, Taco, Rainbow Poo, Rainbow Ice Cream, Tabbys Kitty, Rainbow Unicorn.  I know what your thinking why did Tabby not get a Tabby Kitty the answer is simple because they had a Rainbow Poo. Lol

I love that they have a clip on them.  I can hook him to by backpack, laptop case, keys, belt and so much more.  They are also well made my 7-month puppy ran off with my pet Poopie that is what I named him.  Poopie was perfectly fine.

I love the Mojimoto and think they are a must on the Holiday Gift Guide this year make sure to stuff the stocking with the Mojimoto your kids are going to love them.

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