Mini Donuts

   Cinnamon & Chocolate Pudding Donuts

                        Cutie Donuts Pan

                from Love Cooking Company



These are so easy to make with my Cutie donut maker.  I love that it is also healthier then fried donuts for my little ones and I can make two different kinds with just adding one ingredient.  Just fill the pan and watch them bake.  It’s that easy.  They just slid right out of the pan and clean up was just a little soap and water and I was done.


Mix together

1.5 cups flour

1teasoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/3 cup milk

1tablespoon butter


1/3 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla



For pudding donuts just add 1 cup prepared chocolate pudding.  Or if you have it 2 of the too go cups you buy at the store.

   If you are making just Pudding donuts leave out the cinnamon.


That is all there is too it.  It took about 7-10 minutes to cook and they were done.  I let cool for a few minutes and we were eating. 


I could have added frosting to them but they were already sweet and it’s less mess for when we are on the go. 


The Scoop-N-Cut is the perfect everything tool.  I used this to not only mix my batter but to place the batter in the pan.  The bigger size was perfect size to fill the Donut pan.  It has two different scoop sizes so you can use it for so many other things.    You can also use the center of the Scoop-N Cut for cutting.  It will slice right threw cookie dough for perfect sizing.   This is a tool that every cook should have in the house.



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