Million Stories “Heart Broke”

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Did you know money was the most common challenge a couple faces?

September 27, 2022, LOS ANGELES, CA — The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship announces today the launch of HeartBroke, a video series addressing the most common challenge couples face – money. The show, on the Million Stories Media ( platform, is sponsored by global information services company Experian, and brings couples together for frank and honest conversations about their finances and how relationships are tested with financial issues.

In HeartBroke, host and financial expert Misty Lynch delves into why more people break up or get divorced over money than anything else. In this new reality series, we explore the effect money has on relationships…and what can be done about it. Over the course of ten weeks, viewers meet couples of diverse backgrounds and situations who have one thing in common: money problems. Misty will coach them through a game plan to try and help. Will they be able to change their money ways? Or will this be the end?

The exclusive sponsorship is part of Experian’s United for Financial Health initiative, which aims to empower and protect consumers to improve their financial health through education and action. In addition to supporting the video series, Experian will amplify the show’s themes and advice with complementary content such as financial and credit education resources. “Experian believes in financial empowerment at all stages of our lives. We are so excited to work with the Singleton Foundation and be part of helping couples in their financial health journey. Not everyone needs a financial coach, but whether it’s recovering from the pandemic, a recession, inflation, or managing our normal day-to-day lives, this HeartBroke series will help viewers develop their own strategy to weather any storm with their partners and have long term success,” said Abigail Lovell, chief sustainability officer for Experian.

“Our goal has always been to engage and raise the financial literacy skills of our viewers with entertainment. This sponsorship with Experian is a wonderful opportunity to reach a large number of couples who may see themselves in the stories we’re sharing in HeartBroke and develop healthier financial habits while growing their relationships,” said Shelley Miles, CEO of The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship.

HeartBroke launches on Tuesday, September 27 on and and will add new episodes weekly.