Jumanji The Next level review

I got the Digital Download free all opinions are my own.

I have been a huge Jumanji fan for years the first one in the 90’s had me hooked and the new story just keep getting better and better.  We start off with our favorite kids from the last one.  They have all moved on in their life some went to college some went to help build huts.  They all keep in touch and are still best friends.

All are doing fantastic except for one.   It seems like Spencer is just not happy with were he is.  He thinks back on to old times and wants them back. This brings his to a very bad idea about rebuilding the Jumanji machine and that’s when it gets bad.

We have all our favorite players in this game of Jumanji and a few new ones that I love. They have a whole new adventure to pass before they can leave and a few new powers and few more things that can hurt them.


This is going to be an all new adventure your family is going to love.

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