Jolly Time

We got the chance to have a Jolly Time Pop Corn and Movie night and had a blast.

They sent us 2 packs of their smart balance pop corn and a box of the light pop corn and a great movie.  The Snowman and the Snow dog.  We love a great movie night in our family especially during winter time.  We all get together next to the fire make our pop corn and watch movies.  We are nice and warm in the house and all together.  We try and pick a new movie every week and each week a different person gets to pick.  This week Jolly Time picked for us.  Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend as a family always try.  Your little ones will not be this little for long enjoy them while you can.

I have to admit I think the movie was a little sad but baby boy loved it.  He is obsessed with puppies right now so when he saw the puppy on this he was so excited.  He keeps on telling me what the snowman and dog were up to. He wanted to watch it over and over again.

This pop corn is one of the best I have had.  It popped perfect with the microwave popcorn button.  Almost no UN popped kernels left on the bottom of the bag.    Jolly Time smart pop corn is the same great popcorn you have grown to love but with healthier ingredients. They are made with 100% whole grain kernels, 0 grams of Tran’s fat and 0 hydrogenated oil.  This is popcorn I can feel ok about giving to my baby boy, and let me tell you baby boy is obsessed with it.  This will definitely be out family movie time popcorn for now on.  The butter one had a fantastic butter taste and even the light butter had a great taste to it. No need to add anything to these. For our gluten free people yes this one is also gluten free.  See below for nutrition facts you will be amazed.  And for those of you following my 24 day weight loss yes this is an approved snack.  You can pick up this great snack at your local grocery store.  If they don’t carry it yet ask them to you will not be disappointed.

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They even offered us a giveaway 1 winner will win 2 free Jolly Time pop corn coupon so you can try it yourself.  Just head to the raffle copter below

I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.