Holiday Traditions


Almost all families have their own special holiday traditions, and a few out there are still perfecting theirs.  I have always loved ours and am so excited that this is the first year my son is excited to join in on the holidays.

Christmas morning has always been a blast for me.  I have always been an early waker, so fun for me and torture for my parents lol.  To combat this my parents of course after talking to Santa decided that one of my presents every year would be left un wrapped for me to play with.  My dad who was also an early waker, would get up with me and we would have something fun to play with under the tree. This would let my sister and mom sleep in a little longer.  Of course, I don’t think my dad was too happy the year Santa left me a dress up kit.  I think my dad and dog looked great dressed as princesses.


After my mom and sister would get up my dad would hand out the presents and we would go nuts.  As my dad was cleaning up the wrapping paper me, my mom and my sister would make breakfast together.  Then it was time for stockings.  Stockings were always so much fun they would be filled with everything you need from everyday life from Lip gloss, to shampoo, underwear and more.  There was always one more special gift in there it could be anything from a second-hand Breitling or pre-owned Breitling to anything you can imagine.  Then at the very bottom of the stocking would always be a soda for each of us.  This was always so special because soda was not a normal in our house.

Then it was time to put everything away before all 31 of my cousins and multiple aunts, uncles and grandparents showed up for the huge family Christmas.


I always love Christmas time family, friends and food what could be better.

I would love to know your family traditions feel free to share with us below.