Are You Allergic To Your Home? Banishing Common Allergens


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Your home is your fortress and your sanctuary. But what if the enemy is already within? If you suffer from allergies, you’ll know how miserable they can make you feel. You may already be aware of certain allergens. How do you banish them from your home, to enjoy a happy and healthy life?

General Suggestions

It goes without saying that a clean home is a healthier home. So make sure you clean regularly. If you suffer from dust allergies, it is important to dust and vacuum every one or two days. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This will avoid accumulations. Start at the top of each room with the ceilings and work your way down. Move furniture to get to hard-to-reach places. Depending on the severity of your allergies, it’s a good idea to wear an allergy mask, as you’re likely to agitate dust when you’re cleaning,.

If possible, remove carpets as they collect all kinds of allergens. Instead, opt for hardwood floors that are easier to clean.

An air filter is a good investment as it filters out dust and other impurities. Make sure you replace your airflow systems filters regularly, so it performs at optimum levels.


When clearing your home of allergens, the bedroom is a good place to start. Your bed has the potential of collecting a lot of dust and dust mites. Start by adding hypoallergenic casings to your bed and mattress. This will protect you while you’re sleeping.

Make sure that everything on your bed is washable. This includes quilts, cushions, throws and soft toys. Many people pile their bed with beautiful bedding, some of which requires specialist cleaning. The result is that they are not washed frequently and, therefore, accumulate dust.

Make your bedroom a pet-free zone and, if possible, don’t allow them upstairs. They can carry allergens on their fur. When considering introducing pets, look for breeds that are short or curly-haired and don’t carry a lot of dander.

Den/Living Area

Your living room has the potential to collect triggers that may exacerbate your allergies. Minimizing your exposure is mostly about keeping this room clean. If you have carpets and rugs, you will need to vacuum them frequently. Wooden flooring is a safer option.

Opt for easy-to-clean sofas and armchairs. Leather and vinyl have shiny surfaces where dust is less likely to collect and become trapped. A quick wipe is all it takes to keep them clean and allergen-free.

Clear any clutter that has the potential to collect dust. Books also accumulate dust, and so it’s a good idea to remove any bookshelves or else dust them frequently. Teddy bears and soft toys are also culprits; as are cushions.

Keeping a clean home is the first step to reducing your exposure to allergens. To reduce the time you have to spend doing this, opt for easy-clean furniture and furnishings. Ensure anything that comes into your home can be washed. It’s unlikely you can get rid of all the triggers. However, you can reduce them significantly to minimize your risk and enjoy a healthy and pleasant living space.

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