Have you found yourself in a pickle?

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Boy have times changed. Years ago what was fun kids playing around is no longer fun and games. We have all been scrolling through the internet and see a new law case about something that we always did as a kid. Now they are getting into big trouble for something that we all did and always thought was just something small. It seems like everyone these days get their pantys in a bunch over everything. Not to even mention all the new and old crazy laws.

Now i am not talking about kids hurting each other or bullying I am talking about stuff in our day that would have been considered a prank. Now your kids can be looking at real jail time for something that they probably learned from stories we have told to them.

When we were kids in our high school every year for homecoming we would fill the High School with pumpkins from local farms. No we did not get permission it was something that had been done for like 50 years. This was a tradition that nowadays can no longer be done. It is now a felony and people are more than happy to press charges if the kids even try.

This is something that was done every year for like 50 years now that times have changed so have the rules. Being a parent and a kid these days can be a battlefield trying to figure out what can and can’t be done. When you do find yourself in a pickle there are lawyers like Sam Davis that can help.

As times change sometimes we can find it hard to catch up with the law. We have to always make sure to be on top of what are kids are doing and just try and make the best decisions that we can for them. For when we find ourselves making the wrong decision make sure to get the legal help we need.

There is actually a case in the Uk where a guy got sued for driving by and splashing a mom and two kids with water. No, I am not kidding it can happen to anyone for any reason and you should always be prepared. There are so many strange things going on out in the world make sure you have a lawyer who is prepared to deal with it. Luckily lawyers use law firm case management systems to sort through all their legal cases and keep on top of them as they come flooding in!