Grip Guard Touch Protector

We got the Grip Guard Touch Protector free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are our own.

With the pandemic going on we are trying to touch less and stay healthy, the Grip Guard Touch Protector is going to be your protector.  This little device fits in your purse or pocket and can help with the every day tasks of touching everything when we head outside.


It’s amazing the things you don’t even think about that you touch when you go out.  Even if its just for a errand or two.  This Grip Guard can help with not touching doors, touch screens, faucets, and so much more.  I love that the stylus pen is attached and just a click away.  It also comes with a carrying case to slip it in when you are not using it.

Grip Guard is the touchless multi-functional protector that allows you to avoid direct contact with germs on various high touch, public surfaces throughout your day, and is a great alternative to the constant drying effects of alcohol based hand sanitizer. Lightweight and utilitarian, it works on door knobs and handles, faucets and levers, touchpads and digital screens and more, serving as a barrier to exposure. Grip Guard’s patent-pending all-in-one design features both a gripping component and a built-in retractable conductive stylus. After use, GripGuard’s contact surfaces lock in place until cleaning. Simply clip your Grip Guard to your belt-loop, purse or backpack with the easy retractable cord and start gripping!
The Grip Guard Kit comes with a retractable spring-loaded cord, storage pouch and easy clean bag that provides individuals with everything needed to easily access, store and clean the protector. With every purchase, $1 will be donated to a humanitarian cause.
Grip Guard is available MSRP $19.99 at