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Hit the applause button for these newest Parents’ Choice Award
winners represented by KidStuff PR:
CooperativeGames,com Baby Beluga Game
E-BloxCircuit Blox
Kangaroo Manufacturing PopOhVer
Piccoli Horses Classic Plush
Skullduggery Max Flex RC 250 Blaze
Smart Toys and Games SmartGames Squirrels Go Nuts! and
SmartMax My First Animal Train

Cooperative Games: Baby Beluga Game
• Ages 3+ • $34.95
Parents’ Choice Approved Award
“In this heartwarming game, players work together to
guide Baby Beluga and his friends out to the ocean to
swim wild and free. Created in collaboration with
beloved children’s entertainer (and multiple Parents’
Choice Award winner) Raffi, this co-operative board
game can be played with 1-8 players and allows for
three levels of play. For the youngest, it’s a gentle
introduction to playing a board game – following
directions, simple counting, identifying colors, and
language. For older players, the emphasis is focused on
cooperation, using social skills, and offering
suggestions or encouragement to others.”

E-Blox: Circuit Blox-72 • Ages 8+ • $32.99
Parents’ Choice Gold Award
“As the name signals, Circuit Blox are building bricks
that can be configured to conduct electricity. The 35-
piece set includes bricks, a maze, hand-crank
generator, light-up heart and star shapes, push button
and reed switches and more; the easy-to-follow manual
offers 72 projects that conduct electricity to produce
different effects. Appealing, well priced and (wait for
it) compatible with other building bricks, this set
sparks learning, creativity and fascinating discussion.”

Kangaroo Manufacturing: PopOhVer Stove and
County Top Sets • Ages 3+ • $39.99 each
Parents’ Choice Gold Award
“With PopOhVer slipcovers, any straight back chair
can become a pretend stove or a countertop. The
innovative configuration and modern design serve up
pretend play from role-playing to construction. Our
young testers took charge of the meals as well as the
renovation, moving the kitchen from the playroom to
the bedroom and to Grandpa’s apartment in Paris.
Parents applauded the inventive design, easy assembly
and storage and lamented that they’d been served fried
eggs for weeks at a time.”

Piccoli Horses: Classic Plush • Ages 3+ • $30.00
Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award
“Our Piccoli testers reported that they’d never touched
a softer horse. Cuddling and pretend play can be
customized by choosing a palomino, brown or black
plush body, and pattern for a fabric saddle. All are
appointed with a blue ribbon to proclaim their winning
status. The language development free app works
terrifically in tandem with the plush.”

Skullduggery: Max Flex RC 250 Blaze •
Ages 3+ • $59.99
Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award
“The newest addition to the Max Flex line is geared for
kids 3 and up so little drivers can get in on the racing
action. But turn down the lights and that’s where this set
really shines. With 250 glow-in-the-dark flexible track
pieces spanning 10 feet, this R/C racecar and track set has
kids building and customizing twists, turns, and
straightaways. Along with the glowing tracks, the cars
feature undercarriage lights that create a trace of light as
they whip around the course. The easy-to-control remote
is sized right for small hands, and the tracks are a snap to
put together, giving this set a trophy for fun.”

Smart Toys and Games: SmartGames Squirrels Go
Nuts! • Ages 6+ • $14.99
Parents’ Choice Silver Award
“Squirrels Go Nuts is a clever sliding puzzle game by
SmartGames. It includes a 6″ square durable plastic
puzzle board, a clear base tray that doubles as a storage
lid, four variously configured sliding squirrel pieces, and
a handful of plastic nuts. The starter and junior challenges
use two or three squirrels; the expert, master and wizard,
use all four. Stumped? No problem. The quickest
solutions, illustrated with directional arrows, are at the
back of the challenge book. This is a great way to help
your child use and hone their planning, logic, problemsolving, spatial awareness skills. Improved patience is a

Smart Toys and Games: SmartMax My First Animal
Train • Ages 1+ • $29.99
Parents’ Choice Silver Award
“The SmartMax My First Animal Train is a safe ageappropriate introduction to magnet play. Pardon the pun,
but our young testers were immediately drawn to this toy.
The 25 pieces click together to form animals and a train
that moves. The large pieces are easy and fun to use,
whether matching in “correct” or “silly” modes. They
mixed and matched train parts and colors, made elephants
and tigers grow and roar, and talked about what the driver
said to get the animals to board the train.”

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  1. I like this toy for my grandchild Smart Toys and Games: SmartMax My First Animal Train.

  2. My grandson would love all of it but the race track would be his favorite

  3. The Piccoli Horses and the Smart Toys and Games would be favorites of my great niece and great nephew 🙂

  4. My kids ages range from 4-14 years old so this prize pack would be amazing for them! I know they would enjoy all of the prizes! Thanks so much

  5. My nephews would be so excited if I won the Skullduggery: Max Flex RC 250 Blaze thanks for the chance to win

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