Google Home: Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One

Google is a very powerful search engine. You just type in what you wish to know and voila, you’ll get your answers. But what if you do not need to type in your questions and instead ask “Google” and it will answer you back? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Well, it’s called Google Home. Let’s find out more about this device and why you should consider buying one for your home.


Google Home is a brand of smart speakers that is powered by Google Assistant. You can ask questions, command it to do things and so many more. It’s unbelievably good and smart.


Here are some features that you will surely enjoy when you buy Google Home:


Get answers from Google


Do you wish to know the weather before you go out of the house? Ask Google Home about the weather and you’ll get the necessary information you need. Do you want to know more about the latest news about your favourite celebrities or artists? Ask and you shall receive the answers. It’s definitely like “googling” things without the hassle of opening your computer or phone browser to search in Google. You can just ask your questions as if you’re looking for answers in Google. Imagine how helpful that is to you. And the best part is that it’s a lot more convenient than typing your questions and reading the answers. With Google Home, you can ask about so many things like news, weather, finance, nutritional information and even translations. You can ask about anything and everything.


Play music


In just a simple voice command, you can tell Google Home to play your favourite songs through different services like Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and more. You do not need to scroll and search for songs because the device will play it automatically for you.


Have your own “secretary” and diary at the same time


You can tell Google Home your schedules, travel itinerary and they can discuss it with you as a reminder. You can ask the device what you need to do for the day and just like having your own “secretary” expect to be reminded. This is indeed very helpful for busy people who have a lot going on on their day. And yes, you can even ask Google Home “tell me about my day” and you will get some blow by blow details.


Control your smart home


With Google Home, you can easily control your smart devices at home like switching the lights on or off. You can also command the device to stream movies using something like a disney plus vpn if you’re looking to watch more Disney movies and also watch TV shows through compatible streaming services like Netflix.


Above all the features that this device can do, what’s more amazing is that it can distinguish your voice from the others in the house that are also using the device since it supports multi-users feature.


In case you’ve decided to get this cool and amazing device, you can check out best Google Home deals at Harvey Norman. You will surely not regret buying one for your home because having this device in your home is more like having a very smart assistant that can accommodate your requests 24/7.