How To Go Shoe Shopping On A Budget

Shoe’s are a girl’s best friend. I have cupboards full of them, but there are always beautiful new ones arriving in the stores. But with so much to pay for the family, it can be hard to afford a new glam pair of shoes. Here are some ways you can shoe shop on a budget.



Go on sale days

If you want to get some new shoes, it’s a good idea to go to stores on days when they are having a sale. At the end of each season, they tend to reduce the shoe prices so that you get a bargain. Keep an eye out for advertising on the television or online for when they are having a sale. On sale day, make sure you go early so that the best shoes are still there. Otherwise, you will struggle to get shoes in your size. Even 10% off those fabulous new shoes will save you some money.

Look for coupons

Another way you can go shoe shopping on a budget is to search for coupons before you go. Check the local papers on online on social media for any discount codes or coupons you can take to the shops with you. There are so many good coupon sites for online stores as well such as Payless coupons, which will save you a lot when you are shoe shopping.


Join their mailing list

You can get a good deal on a great pair of shoes by joining the mailing list for the brand. When you are in shops, they are always trying to get you to sign up. But it could be worth doing if they are offering a good percentage of the shoes. You could always email them saying you don’t want to receive any more emails after a couple of weeks.

Buy online instead

You should go shoe shopping online when you are on a budget as it’s often cheaper. If you want to buy a pair of Ecco shoes, for example, you will be able to find a great range of footwear that you would not necessarily find on a high street near you. Check out the site before buying them from the store as they may be reduced on there. And as this article reveals, if you get to the checkout and press cancel, they sometimes will offer you a discount to buy the item today. Often, you will receive an email saying did you still want the item? Wait to see if they offer you a deal.


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Set up an account

Just like joining their mailing list can get you a discount, setting up an account will also save you money off a new pair of shoes. By agreeing to set up an account with the store, you will receive discounts when you are shopping. Some companies even offer a system where you can pay monthly instead of having to pay it all at once. Therefore, you could buy the shoes today, but pay for them later!

Remember to check the store’s competitors as they may be selling a similar style for a cheaper rate. And you should consider going through your old shoes before buying new ones. If there are any you could sell online, you could earn some money so you can spend more on your new shoes! Here are some further shoe shopping tips you will want to see.