Does your family prepare for the unexpected?

Snowed in

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When it comes to our family if it can happen it will. We have spent years with the unknown. Growing up in California our family was always prepared for an earthquake. We had everything you need from meals to flashlights stashed. Luckily, we never had to use them but I always knew that if we needed them my dad was prepared. Now that we live elsewhere earthquakes are really not a problem. We did however add so many more things that could happen. The winters here alone can be hard.

We found this out the hard way our first winter. We didn’t have any food stocked up so we spent far too long going too and from the shops in harsh weather. We didn’t prepare our house at all so we had to make some quick fixes that saw us through the winter and got Winston Salem roofing contractors and handymen to come in and fix all the issues properly. We had a leaky roof, draft windows, and something was squatting in our loft!

On top of this, I have heard the horror stories of people that were trapped in their car during a storm. Once I heard one of these stories the first thing I put together was a car emergency kit. This is not your normal my battery died kit. This kit is to make sure my family is ok if we get caught in the car.

What we have in our kit

  1. Blankets

Of course, to keep warm.

  1. Sustainable food

We keep a few meals in our car to make sure we won’t starve. They have to be long lasting why would I want to throw away good food every time it expires.

  1. Flash lights

Of course, we want to see if it gets dark. Also, great to shine out the window for help

  1. Water

I think this one explains its self. Lol

  1. Games

I keep a pack of cards and a few travel games in our car bag. I want to keep my little guy calm and have something to distract myself in case we are there for a while.

  1. Medications

If you family takes medications on a regular basis make sure to keep extra in the car, and if you have little ones make sure you are stocked up on diapers and wipes for emergency’s.

7. Knife

This is in a protective case in the bag. You never know when it will come in handy. I have actually had to cut myself out of a seat belt after an accident before.

In our home, we do the same items in case we get snowed in. We also add a few extras. I like to add a few candles, and Battery’s for anything we may need. I also keep a fire safe lock box in the bag. This box is filled with copies of all our important papers. No matter what you put in your emergency kits make sure they are portable. You never know if you are going to have to grab and go. Making sure your family is safe should always be your number one priority. Of course, we all hope that we never need these kits, but I feel a whole lot better knowing that if I do need them they are there.

What else would you add to your emergency kit?

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