Evian Mineral Water Spray



I remember years ago when I could only find Evian mineral water spray in specialty stores.  I would travel to find it.  When I lived in San Diego we did not have Air conditioning and the heat would knock me out.  This water was a life saver and it still is today.  I love that now they are in so many store I can pick it up when I am out running my every day errands and I can order online.  I always have it with me when I am at home, sick, or travel.  I have the big bottle on my night stand and a little bottle in my purse at all times.   You can get Evian facial Spray in 1.7 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz.  On a side note the 1.7 oz size is TSA approved for flights so go ahead and pack it in your quart size carry-on bag.


Evian is a pure mineral water from the French Alps.  This was actually feel cool from the second it comes out; it is so refreshing.   It is a light spray so you want have to worry about getting drenched every time you use it.  I am truly in love with the Evian spray and think everyone should have a few bottles with them at all times.  If you are going through hot flashes this will be your life saver.   Weather its medical, physical or you just need a relaxing moment Evian spray will make all the difference.  Make sure to when you are stocking up to pick up a few to toss in the stockings this year.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review

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