6 Ways To Increase Your Energy Naturally

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Of the many supplements out there that improve our health, most of us are looking for the power boosts that will see us through. In many scenarios, health will be the key that gives us energy but even if we have managed to dial in our health and need more energy, we’ve got to find natural ways to improve it. Here are a few things to consider if you want to increase your energy naturally.



Chicory is a flowering plant in the dandelion family, and it has found its way into many coffee drinks including this date seed coffee. Chicory is often used as a caffeine-free alternative to regular coffee, and also contains vitamin B6 which is one of the energy vitamins. However many people use chicory in their coffee, and if you are someone that does need a little dose of caffeine, but without the jitters, try reducing your coffee intake and adding a couple of extra teaspoons of chicory. 


Vitamin B12

If you’re already taking a multivitamin you may already be getting the recommended daily dose. But vitamin V12 is found in animal products. For vegans and vegetarians, you may want to up your dose of vitamin B12. Put very simply, if you don’t have adequate B12 you are not generating as much energy as you should. 



Be careful with this herb as it already contains caffeine. Maybe people mix guarana in with their coffee to give them a kick in the morning, and guarana has been shown to help some people with mental strain or fatigue. If you consume higher doses, it could have the same effect as caffeine. This is why it’s best to stick to this herb first thing in the morning if you are looking for a more natural dose. 


Coenzyme Q10

This is a substance required for the proper function of many chemical reactions and organs in the body. It provides energy to the cells, and for anybody who is experiencing a major bout of fatigue, or certain diseases such as high blood pressure, this could be due to lower levels of CoQ10.



Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb that has a number of benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and immune system boosts but it has been shown to help promote energy levels. This can help enhance physical activity by increasing the energy production in the cells and lowering oxidative damage.



It is such an important thing to be aware of because so many of us are not hydrating properly. Water is approximately 60% of our body. Drinking enough water will maintain the balance of our bodily fluids and help to transport essential minerals and electrolytes, and if we do not drink enough water, it can increase our feeling of fatigue. And if you are drinking caffeine to increase your energy, this is dehydrating your body, so therefore you need more water to counteract this. If you do drink a lot of caffeine to keep you awake, you are excreting a lot of sodium, so having some water with a tiny bit of salt in it could make a big difference to your energy levels!


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