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  As a busy mom I have to admit sometimes I turn to toys to distract my little guy while I get some work done.  One think I love is that I can get him educational toys so while he is playing he is also learning.   Educational Insights has a wide range of toys for any little one in your house.  The other great thing is when I do have time to play with him I also love them.  From cooking to board games, to do it yourself projects they have everything your little one will need to have some fun. 

My little guy loves family game night with us.  He still has not quite got a hold of some of the older games which makes it hard.  We normally have to play the bigger kid games and make up new rules for him so he can understand.  With Frankie’s Food truck game he picked it up right away.  Not only did he play it the way he was meant to but he had a blast playing it.  He loves the shape cards and the cat he gets to use to pick up his piece.  This is a fantastic learning game for any little one in your family.  The whole family had a blast playing.

Little guy was so excited when this showed up. The Sneak & Peek Periscope was awesome.  We have had it for a day now and he still won’t let me take off the packaging.  He carries it around with him all day and loves to watch us from around corners and behind the couch.  I love hearing little guys “I can see you mommy, you can’t see me”.  This is a great educational toy for any little explorer in your house. 

Educational Insights has a great range of product with a very easy to use web site.  I love that I can pick out for him and have them sent right to our door.

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