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     Educational Insights Fun with the family

  I love Educational Insights they have great toys for your kids that actually have them using the brain and imagination.  They are not just sitting in front of a computer screen. There web site is also quick and easy to use you can go to your little ones age and pick out what you think they will like the best.  They have such a wide range of toys and at a great price you are sure to find some you love with them

In my box this time we got


Crazy Cereal

   This was a fun game to play with my little guy.  We race to see who can get the most of right color of cereal in there bowl first.  The spoons light up to let you know which color you want to get.  My little guy had such a blast with this one. 


GeoSafari Jr Jungle Crew Lab

   This one he was begging to play from the time it showed up.  He loved to make potions and this was right up his alley.  It had different size test tubes in the shape of animals and other tools for him to use.  It also came with a card to give you some great chemistry ideas for your little one that are safe and fun.


Magic Moves Rainbow Jam

  I have to be honest I did not know how well this one would go over.  He usually is not a music boy, but from the time we opened it he loved it.  He pressed on the colors to make different sounds and was dancing around the house. 


   Koala Capers Game

  This one was just too cute.  I loved the little Koalas.  He did not let me play much with him but he was having a blast with it.


Hot Dots Jr. Magical Talking Wand

   This one is perfect for any little one.  Not only is it fun but they will learn so much.  You can buy a whole series of books to go with it to help them learn everything from shapes to math.   I especially recommend this to all the homeschooling mamas and the moms getting their kids ready for school. 


My little guy love all of them and I love that for most he let me play with him and he was learning something with every single one of these. 


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I got these to try in exchange for an honest review

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