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   I have always been a fan of their twilight turtle but when I saw some of their new items I was so excited.  They have a wide range of cute toys to help you little one sleep comfortably all night long.  Their toys are not only adorable but very affordable.  Any little one will be so excited to find one of these under the tree this year.

  The Super Max Turtle


    This little guy is not only an amazing light up turtle for your little guy but it has a fantastic story.  He is hand hold size and comes with a book about supermax the turtle and how he got his powers.  The book also tells the amazing story about who inspired Max.   Max is a young and amazing cancer patient that not only inspired this cute little guy but works everyday to help bring comfort to other kids with cancer.  A portion on your purchase on this amazing little turtle goes to the MaxLove project.  They not only help bring these little turtles to the hospital for kids fighting cancer but they help the families in so many other ways.  As a mom who had a little guy in the NICU I can personally tell you how comforting it is for your little one to get a special present while they are in the hospital.  We may not be able to cure cancer yet but every time a child can get a little comfort it not only helps the healing process of the child but also the parents.  We don’t get to see our little angels faces light up often now they can see it all night long.


   This little guy is small enough little ones can hold it easily and lights up with three different colors.  It also had a hard shell so for kids with low immune systems can clean it up easily to help not spread the germs.  My little guy loves him so much he goes to bed with him every night and lights up the room with stars.  After 45 minutes he automatically turns off, if little guy does get scared at night all he has to do is press the button and his turtle lights up the room for him.


Cuddly Comfeez – Twilight Turtle


    This adorable chair is perfect for any kids and it’s new.  My son is so funny about his chairs he likes to put them on the couch and I am always so worried, most toddler chairs are not very sturdy to begin with then you put them on the couch and it’s an accident waiting to happen.  Not this one this chair is not only too cute for words but the bottom is a bean bag style so it’s very sturdy no matter where you put it.  Of course once he saw it was a turtle (which my nephews collect) he insisted I need to get them one too.    This chair is perfect for story time or just for your little ones to hang out on. 

   Cloud b is not only a fantastic company but they are a company that gives back.  They make truly amazing products, and any kid would be excited to get one of these on the holidays. 

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.