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          Winning Moves  Family Game Night 

  Family game night in our house is a must.  I love getting together with my family playing a few games having some Popcorn and having a blast.  We have to find games that are not only fun for the adults but also a blast for the kids I was excite with these two new games.

Squish Fish was a delight.  I would have never thought of this but little guy had a blast from setting it up and making his fish all the way t getting to squish our fish.  One thing I love about this game is there is no dice to lose.  If your dough dries up you can just use play doe.  As parents we all have a few cans of it lying around the house.  It was so easy to play and little guy understood the direction perfectly.  This is a fantastic game for any little one learning his color.    


I have to admit I thought everyone had played Guess Who before.  I remember when I was younger playing for hours with my friends.  So when I got the chance to review it I knew little guy would love it.  To my surprise I pulled it out of the box and Hubby said hey what’s that game how do you play?  I was stunned.  So I put it together and I and hubby played for hours.  Little guy went back and forth helping each of us but not giving away the answer.  They both had such a blast we have played it every night so far.  If you are like me and remember this game from when you were younger or if you are like hubby and have never played it this game, it is a blast and you will have hours of fun with your family big or small members. 


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