Easy Steps To Keep Your Home Trendy

Looking for some ideas to keep your home trendy? Each year, new colors and styles are rejuvenated. Keeping your house in style with the popular trends can be a job that never ends, especially if you enjoy entertaining. Explore the following five fresh trends in home design for 2017.

Indoor Garden Wall

Image via Flickr by Wicker Paradise

Bring your own garden inside your house and on your wall. Garden walls are great ways to bring some green into your living space without taking up any space at all.

Using special planters, you can cover the walls with a range of plants. These plants could be your standard garden variety, or if you prefer fresh herbs and spices when cooking, all the herbs and spices your heart desires. Garden walls are also great if you don’t have exterior spaces for a garden.

Decorative Back splashes

Back splashes are making a big comeback. Traditionally, back splashes appear in the kitchen behind the sink to protect your walls. Today, with the wide array of tile choices, back splashes are becoming a novel and functional way to spruce up your kitchen design. From different color tiles such as bright green to different designs such as white subway tile and custom designs, you can stretch your creative muscles and easily find something that fits with your home and style. Friends have told me that custom acrylic blocks are fantastic if you’re going for a particular design in your home because the customizable aspect of them can open up so many creative avenues for you and your home design.

Return to Hardwood Flooring

Quiet reading area featuring Sonora color hardwood floor (Red Oak-Sonora)
For more information, visit www.miragefloors.com

Image via Flickr by Mirage floors

Gone are the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s when carpeting and tiling your home was all the rage. Hardwood floors are overtaking the flooring market now. With beautiful varieties bringing a certain warmth into your home, hardwood floors are the go-to choice to stay trendy. Make sure you buy a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for hardwood flooring too. If you want your floor to look perfect, choose the best model, you won’t be disappointed!!

Enhanced Climate Control Systems

When you want the best and most beautiful home, thinking outside the box will keep your designs timeless. A home not only needs to look beautiful, but it should also feel beautiful. It’s important to keep your Heating and air kennewick systems well maintained and if you don’t have these systems then they’re well worth the investment.

Zoned heating and cooling systems offer a popular way to handle heating and cooling your home in style. The benefits of these types of heating and cooling systems include cost savings and better distribution of heat or air conditioning throughout your home. But what are you supposed to do when you find that your air conditioning system is faulty? You don’t want to live through the summer months and its warm air with a broken system. This won’t do anybody any good. Before contacting a professional to help with the problem, you may want to take a look at these air conditioner blowing warm air causes to see if you are able to fix the system yourself. This could work out to be cheaper. If you can’t, only then can you start thinking about getting outside help. Heating and cooling systems offer a wide range of advantages, so make sure you make the most of them whilst you can. Naturally, everyone has different preferences, including different comfort levels for different family members.

Coziness With Hygge

Image via Flickr by my little red suitcase

No, it’s not a spelling mistake. It’s the new Danish-inspired design trend taking the world by storm. Hygge, pronounced “hooga’,” translates to coziness, and everything about this style is certainly cozy. When you see some pictures of hygge style in action, you’ll want redo your home just so you can grab a book and disappear into pure bliss. Think blankets, candles, and fires crackling in fireplaces in your living room. Think warm cups of cocoa and big wool jerseys.

Indoor gardens, cool kitchen back splashes, a return to hardwood flooring, zoned heating and cooling systems, and the glories of hygge: We hope this overview of fresh trends in home design have inspired you. We would love to hear your thoughts, so leave some comments below.