Top Tips For Welcoming A Dog Into Your Home

There are many benefits associated with caving in and buying your kids that puppy they’ve been begging for. For example: 



However, caring for another living being is a lot of work. While adorable, they require constant attention beyond cuddles and head scratches. As such, it’s essential that you do not rush into the process of getting a dog and are aware of the work that comes alongside this.

Photo by Vitaliy Zalishchyker on Unsplash


With that in mind, here are some simple tips you can use to welcome a dog safely into your home. 


Do your research. 

Whether you’re adopting a puppy or a senior dog, you must do some research ahead of time to ensure that they are the right fit for your home. For example, some dogs are full of boundless energy, meaning they’re a great companion for energetic children, while others need more peace and quiet. Spending some time with your new friend before adopting them will help you to determine whether or not they’ll blend nicely into your family – and get the kind of home they deserve. 


You should also make sure your home is well-suited to the dog. For example, bigger breeds take up much more space, meaning they may not be comfortable in smaller flats or apartments. 


Take them to dog & puppy training. 

While dogs have different personalities, many require a little training to keep their behaviors in check. After all, the last thing you want to see when returning home from work is that all of your belongings have been destroyed. Dog & Puppy training programs, such as those offered at los angeles dog school can, therefore, make it much easier to welcome a dog into your home. They’re also a great way to ensure you keep your four-legged friend safe, as you can train them to stay close by your side on walks without risking them running off into the distance! 


Pet-Proof your home. 

When your children first started walking, you likely took certain precautions to ensure your home was comfortable and safe. For example, you may have installed safety guards on the stairs to ensure they would not trip. Similar precautions need to be taken when welcoming a dog – as they essentially act like enthusiastic toddlers 24/7. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can pet-proof your home. For example, you could install locks on the cupboards in your kitchen, so wandering paws don’t find their way into your food or cleaning products! 


Share the responsibility. 

As mentioned above, welcoming a dog into your home is a great way to teach your children to be more responsible. As such, you should make sure that all of the pet-caring responsibilities are shared out between every family member – meaning you’re not the only person cleaning up after them. For example, you could put together a schedule for feeding your dog, cleaning up after them, or even taking them for a walk. 


However, it’s also important to note that smaller, younger children should always be supervised when playing with their dogs. 


Help your pup stay healthy. 

A dog of any age quickly becomes part of your family, which means you are responsible for their well-being. This means you have to follow the necessary steps to keep them healthy – which often means learning to ignore their puppy-dog eyes as they beg to share whatever is on your plate. Instead, you should ensure their diet is full of healthy, nutritious treats as opposed to processed food and junk. The better their diet, the happier they’ll be. 


You should also do a little research so you’re aware of the different foods and ingredients your dog should not eat, such as chocolate, avocado and cooked bones. This way, you are not putting them at risk of sickness. However, you should also ensure that you register your pet in advance so that you have somebody to reach out to in an emergency situation and aren’t left scrambling to find a reputable vet. This way, your dog’s health is always in good hands.