Exterior Repairs: How To Maintain Your House and Increase Curb Appeal

One way to increase your curb appeal is by doing exterior repairs on your house. This blog post will discuss how exterior maintenance can improve the look of your home and make it more appealing for potential buyers or renters. It’ll also give you tips on improving your curb appeal.

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Siding Maintenance 

To keep your home looking great, it’s important to maintain the exterior of your house. The siding is an essential aspect of this maintenance as it keeps out pests and weather while still enabling light into the interior. 

The most common type of siding for residential homes are vinyl or aluminum sidings which come in different colors and textures. They are easy to install, affordable, and don’t require any maintenance. 

However, if you’re looking for something with more texture or a warm material, other types of siding are available.

Siding maintenance is a necessary part of any home, and you can easily accomplish it if you maintain proper drainage around the edges of your house to keep water from seeping under siding panels or saturating insulation boards, which will lead to rot and mold growth. 

Pathway and Patio Maintenance

The first thing you should do is hire an under pressure soft wash and power washing company to clean and restore your home’s frontal area.

If this isn’t an option, you begin with sweeping your porch or pathway. Depending on the size of your space, this could take only a minute to do so. It’s crucial to maintain regular upkeep and keep leaves from building up around your entryway. 

Next comes sweeping your walkways and patio area – you will want to use small dust pans instead of a broom for these tasks.

After sweeping, water your plants and remove any tree leaves that may have fallen on the ground; this will help keep weeds from growing in between them and give your yard a clean appearance. 

Finally, sweep up all of the debris you’ve collected during these tasks before they can choke out new plant growth or start to rot in place. A good maintenance of the pathway and patio will help to increase curb appeal and make your home seem more inviting.

Foundation Maintenance

There are several types of foundation maintenance that you can do on your own to increase the curb appeal and maintain the cosmetic value of your home. These tasks include keeping dirt, leaves, or debris from accumulating around exterior foundations and siding, trimming shrubs, so they don’t grow into structures, and removing vines such as ivy, which can grow over time to cover up crumbling exterior walls. It also includes repairing leaks around pipes, windows, or gutters. 

Maintaining the exterior of your home will keep the integrity and structural stability and maintain its aesthetic value, which starts with the foundation.

The foundation of your home is the most critical part. Foundation repairs and maintenance are what keeps it safe, stable, and secure. You can do a lot to maintain its integrity yourself without spending a lot of money.

Gutter Maintenance

To know if your gutters need cleaning, look at the bottom of your downspouts and make sure there is no standing water. This means that you should clean them out every few months to keep them in good condition. You can do this with a hose or by using a pressure washer. If you notice that water is overflowing onto your sidewalk, this could result from clogged gutters, and you should call an emergency plumber.

You can avoid the need for gutter repair by repairing any leaks as soon as possible after they happen. One way to do this is by using silicone sealant and then covering it with roofing tar. 

You should also not use any products that could damage the gutters or compromise their ability to do what they are meant for, such as using acid on them. This can lead to leaks developing much quicker than they would otherwise have done. 

Gutter maintenance can also include cleaning them of debris, leaves, and spills, as these things will eventually build up and cause a blockage.

Roof Maintenance

Check for roof leaks, which can result from various things, including wind damage and water in the attic. In addition, wet insulation in your ceiling or walls usually accompanies roof leaks. If you find any number of these signs, contact a professional to determine if you need any repairs. Professionals can repair roofs by installing new shingles.

Shake the roof to check for loose or missing tiles. Missing or damaged tiles can lead to leaks that will cause damage inside your home. 

The best time to clean the roof is in dry weather when there is less risk that you will slip or ruin the paint on your home. Cleaning includes removing moss or lichen, picking up debris, and brushing away dirt and leaves from gutters.  Cleaning a dirty roof can also help to prevent leaks.

A roof that is in good condition increases the curb appeal of your house.


Landscaping is a big deal for homeowners. It isn’t just about looking great; it also protects the exterior of your home from weather damage and makes a stunning first impression on visitors to your property. 

There are several things you can do to ensure that landscaping enhances the curb appeal of your house and gives you some peace of mind, including regularly trimming plants and trees to maintain an even height.

You should trim back taller plants so that they are no higher than the roof of your home. This will keep people from being able to peer into any portion of your house while driving by. In addition, a clean yard means people will be less likely to litter in the area. 

So, keep your lawn mowed, if you have one, or consider a weedless ground cover like ivy that is easy to maintain while looking attractive. 

Maintain a clean, neat appearance with mulch and flowers because maintaining this type of greenery also helps keep insects and other pests out of your home.


At the end of the day, you want your house to be attractive both inside and out. You don’t need much money or training to make this happen – just time and attention. At least now that you know what exterior repairs involve, there’s hope! Remember: it’s not just about superficial appearance; treat maintenance as an investment in your home’s future.