When I first got the chance to try out the #Cube I had no idea what to expect from it.  But I knew it would connect to my instagram account so I was excited. I love instgram but I have to admit I always forget to check it out. My son has basically taken over my phone for angry birds so I cannot even remember the last time I saw my own phone.  When it showed up I was very impressed by the size.  If you are tired of looking at the little pictures on your phone you are going to love this. 

  It was very easy to connect just charge (don’t worry all, it comes with the cords) and sign in to your instgram account.  The hardest thing about initially setting it up is remembering what you password is lol.  It had connected and I was scrolling through my instagram in a matter of seconds. 

  This great cube let me scroll through myself or I could let it go on its own and just set it on my desk as I work as watch the pictures go by.  There is even a Heart button on it so when I saw something go by that I liked I just hit the heart.  It has a big 8in screen and built in Wi-Fi.  To re charge it just plug it back in.  No need to go searching for batteries.

  I love the nice sleek design of the cube and it comes in 3 different colors.  White, Black and a retro style.  They are all very cute and will match you décor perfectly.

To Buy your very own head here

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