Dress Your Style

Dress Your Style

I am a clothing lover and as for a style I have one.  When I go buy my clothes I do not look at them for something that fits a certain profile I look for something that looks like me.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from people “I love that shirt but it’s not my style”.    This has always made me laugh.  If you love the shirt then it is your style.  Style to me refers to what you like not what can be put into a group, i.e. preppy, country and so forth.  I am a girl that will go from a cocktail dress to wranglers to a nice pair of jeans and shirt.  So I tell people my style is Tabby.  Which means my style is me.

I have been the girl who is a size 0 I have been the girl who is a size 16, I have also been the pregnant girl who thought to herself this baby cannot get any bigger or he is pop out of me like that alien in aliens.   So I have been all around when it has been finding a great outfit, what I can tell you is buy for you not them.  Be comfortable in what you ware and who you are.

There are few great brands that I have found that look great no matter what size or shape you are.  If you are looking for some great jeans check out Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.  Try on a few different styles from these I have always found great jeans that make me feel great at these stores.  I know levies are great but try the others out you really will see a difference in them.   Shirts are a little harder to find let’s be honest some company’s make them for bigger chest girls and some company’s make them for no chest girls.  This had always been hard for me.  I have to be honest when I am looking for a great shirt I have found some wonderful ones with INC sold at Macy’s great styles for all different types.

A few things to remember when you are out and about shopping is  If you like the outfit then yes it is your style try it on check it out you might just find something wonderful you would have usually passes up and you will probably look fab.  Next go out of your comfort zone go into that store you usually pass up look in the store you think nothing will fit right.  You will be surprised on what you discover.  My last piece of advice is don’t dress by size.  As we all know one company’s 2 will be another company’s 6 don’t get discouraged by this it’s not you it’s just the way they make the clothes.  It does not mean you are bigger then you thought it just means they make their clothes small.

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