Plasmart Mat Review

  What do you get the kid who loves cars but has almost all of them.  Well get him his own town with roads of course.   This is a perfect holiday gift to get any little car lover.  Not only can he play for house with his cars but the town set up around it will also make for a great imagination toy.  The detail that is put into this mat is just amazing.  Not only the art work but the detail in the town its self, is just amazing.   This mat is a fantastic add to my little guys room.  A fun toy for him and a rug protector for me how could we go wrong.


   This mat is huge 78” x 46”. It is bigger than I am.  The mat is very durable as you can see not only is it thick but it is easy clean up.  When little guy spills I just grab some soap and water and wipe it down and we are ready to roll again.  I love that this will cover most of his bed room.  We rent so making sure the rugs in the house are not destroyed is a priority.  I love how I can lay this down in his room and not only does he have an awesome play area, but I know when he spills everything (which he does hourly) I don’t have to run for the rug cleaner.  The back side of this mat is also thick foam so nothing is going to leak threw while I am heading to get a wet towel to clean it up. 

  This mat is very easy to roll up so if you want to move it in your house or take it with you it’s not a problem.   When the mat first came I just stuck a box at either end for about an hour and it made sure the edges were flattened down for play time.  It did not roll up again on its own.

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