Keep them creating this Easter

We got these great creative toys from Horizon group free in exchange for an honest review

When it comes to Easter we all want our kids to have a great time but we also want them to have some fun after the egg hunt is done.  Horizon group has a great line of toys that are going to make bath time fun and get their creative juices going.  From Trolls to Baby shark and so much more they have a great line no matter what age group your kids are in.


We got to check out

Baby Shark Bath Art Creations

MSRP: $16.99

Ages: 5+ years

Make bath time fun and artistic with Baby Shark Bath Art Creations! Allow little ones to express themselves with custom bath art using 8 special washable crayons in an array of bright colors and Baby Shark details. Encourage creativity as little ones design artwork with bath paints and stickers that dissolve in a flash. Little ones will get excited to decorate each bath session with personalized designs all their own. This relaxing yet stimulating activity will encourage seeing opportunities for art in the unexpected. This set is safe, ecofriendly, and easily washes away.

Availability: Amazon, Learning Express, Family Dollar, Toys R Us Canada


Trolls Fuzz & Glitz Lip Balm

MSRP: $12.99-$16.99

Ages: 6+ years

Get ready to rock and Troll with your very own Trolls Fuzz & Glitz Lip Balm! Create 5 Snack Pack lip balms that shine bright like a rainbow with layers of colors and a Troll lotta love! Mix and match the colors that are truest to you, layer them into your fuzzy lip balm containers, and sparkle like a true Troll with dashes of glitter! The Trolls Fuzz & Glitz Lip Balm set contains everything you need to create your own line of Snack Pack lip balms — so go ahead and rock your best beat!

Availability: Amazon, Kohl’s