How Changing Just One Aspect Of A Room Can Make Big Difference To The Overall Aesthetic

Changing just one aspect of a room can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a room. Wondering how? Then read on to find out!


You may also think that you need to paint or wallpaper every wall in a room in order for it make a big impact. Well, actually just decorating one wall can do the same thing. And in fact, because this feature wall stands in contrast to the other walls, it may in fact make a bigger impact. Don’t think that wallpaper is a thing for nurseries and old ladies bathrooms, either. Wallpaper these days comes in far more fashionable designs and is even easier to hang that unusual. Think big, think marble wallpaper for your bedroom kind of big; that’s classy and unique enough for me to get behind! That’s right; these days you can put it up yourself and not have bumps and marks to deal with as a result! is a tutorial on YouTube that can help you with hanging wallpaper correctly.


An alternative to making really big impact in a room is to hang an entire wall with a wallpaper mural depicting a specific scene or vista. This might be a hammock swinging on the beach by a beautiful sea. It could be something else nature based, like a huge field of lavender in Provence, Italy. Or it could be something more modern and man-made, like the New York skyline, or London’s big ben. Adding this one item to a room can make such a big difference because it gives the room a focal point. You are also then heavily guided by the color you use elsewhere, as you can only pick them out of the wallpaper. This is ideal is figuring out good color schemes intimidates you, and you want some guidance!! Check out sites like for wall murals of lots of different designs.


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So, we’ve discussed the walls. But how about lifting your head up higher, and looking at the ceiling. There is something located here in pretty much every room that you may not be making the most of. The lightbulb, of course. Wherever you have a light bulb, you have a ripe opportunity to decorate it beautifully! Companies like specialize in supply quality lighting solutions. Feel like your room lacks some sophistication? Then go for a stunning glass chandelier. Not only will this bring a classy vibe to the room, but it will also make the whole room feel much brighter and lighter!


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Finally, look in the opposite direction, and down at the floor. We are advised time and time again to go with plain carpets and floors. So, we pick real oak wood or grey carpets. We try our best to avoid cream and white, for obvious, stain-related reasons! But there can be an incredible impact made if you make the floor of a room that main statement. runs down ten different wow-factor ideas. Get into your groove by starting off relatively safe. How about some white and blue tiles in your bathroom, for example. Or a parquet kitchen floor of varying wood shades? Learn more ways to make your kitchen look great at


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