Can you make Porcupine’s Pie ?

When it comes to books in our home the more books the better.  My son loves to sit down and read every night.  The nights leading up to the holidays my son gets a new book to unwrap and is so excited to hit bed and start reading.

While he loves all kinds of books I love ones that help him understand the world and being nice.  Having an autistic son for us means he can not always understand why we should do something, or what the nice thing to do is.  While he would give you the shirt off his back if you asked he would never think to offer what he has.

Porcupine’s Pie is a fantastic book about friendship and sharing what you have.  With friends there should not always be a need to ask sometimes your friend should just know what you need and offer.  This book has helped him a lot.  Yesterday I said I was thirsty and he offered me his juice.  This is a big step for him.

This is one of the little things in life we as adults know about, but sometimes need some reminding that our kids still have to be tout everything.

The writing in this is very cute and fun to read.  The pictures are also cute and my son picked up what was going on in the story just from the pictures even before I did.  At the end of the book it also gives you a fantastic recipe for Friendship Pie.  Such a great way to end the book.  When you are done reading you can get more great family time in cooking together.

This holiday season make sure to pick up a copy Porcupine’s Pie then you can make a pie together to bring to that holiday get together.

We got this free in exchange for an honest review.

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