Bouqs Co Review

Bouqs Co Review

Let me start off by telling you my horror story of buying flowers in the past.  When my grandpa passes away I could not make it to the funeral so I bought flowers off a Not to be named big flower company and had them sent to my grandma at the funeral home.  It was meant to be a nice little bouquet with a card that says “I am so sorry for you loss you are in our prayers xoxo” to my surprise my mom called me on the day of the funeral and says I know you and your grandfather had a weird since of humor but please tell me this was a mistake.  I had to ask why and she sent over pictures of a huge bouquet of balloons that said congratulations and a card that read congratulations on your loss.  I was mortified.  Luckily my grandma has a great sense of humor and did not take any offence.  When I called the flower company to complain they told me it was too bad an order had been delivered and I actually got more then what I paid for so why am I complaining and hung up.


So you can see why I have not bought flowers in years.  With some of those huge company’s out there they have no customer service and I did not want something like this to happen again.  When I got the chance to try out Bourqs I was excited I would love to be able to send flowers to my mom for mother’s day and her birthday but I just never took a chance.

you know I had to test out a card just in case 🙂

When I ordered my flowers I was excited that not only was it very easy to order but the price I saw was the price I got.  When I signed up for my account shipping is always free so no going to check out and finding out they will cost twice as much with shipping.  Another awesome thing if you get the single bouquet it is around $40.00 you can double it for about $10.00 more you can beat that.

They have a ton of beautiful bouquets to choose from.  They are grown in volcanic rock and guess what they are not cut till they are ready to ship so you won’t get half dead flowers.

This is how they looked when the sun was going down.  Awesome

They also offer concierge service.  If you have dates you know you need flowers for. Anniversary, Mothers day, birthdays, you can buy ahead of time and have them delivered on that day so you will never forget.

Remember men if you always forget an anniversary or birthday sign up for the service and have them sent directly.  Just remember when you get home and see the flowers read the card first so you know what you are celebrating or you will be caught and she will know you forgot lol.

I loved these flowers and the service.  They were right there to answer any questions always nice and helpful.  You all know after my last experience I had to test out the customer service too.


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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


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