Boogie Wipes Review


I do not know if you have heard about this product Boogie Wipes.  I got the chance to try these out this week and they are great.  They are slightly moistened wipes for little noses or big ones.


Living here is Colorado my little guy’s nose is always running. We wipe it so much his little nose becomes red and raw he is just miserable.  We tried these out for a few days and they work wonders, it does not leave his face all wet but it does clean him up and does not tear apart his nose.


I also used them for my self to test them out, they did not leave that filmy layer over my face and smelled fresh. I loved them.  I will Defiantly be buying them for our little guy this flu season and to have around the house just in case.


This is one of those products that you always think wow why did I not think of this. They come in a bigger package for the house and you can also buy them in little package for 1 time use to throw in your purse or bag for on the go, so great. I hate having to lug a ton of big stuff with me while traveling around with little guy.


A Few things They Have Going On To Check Out

SAVE THE SLEEVE!  Our on-going promotion is called Save The Sleeve!  It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to learn to put their boogies in a Boogie Wipe and not on their sleeves!  You can learn more at , to take the pledge and receive your very own I SAVED MY SLEEVE free badge kit!

and don’t forget to check out there
TEACHER KITS: Perfect for classroom boogies!  This kit contains 2 – 90 count canisters (1 Grape, 1 Fresh), 2 – 30 count packs (Grape, Fresh), 1 classroom poster, 50 samples, and 50 Boogie coupons.  It is available, exclusively, for schools, day cares, and professional facilities.  For purchase information please visit: .


visit our website at and also join our Boogie Bunch here –

I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


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