Black Friday at Walmart

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Tis the season for Black Friday. I am so excited this is a fun time of year for us. By this time, I normally have most of my shopping done, but there are always the few big items I need to get and Black Friday is when we get them.

On Thanksgiving after dinner is done, we sit around and go through all the adds and pick where we will be going and when. I love that now we can all get our devices out and look them up and start out lists. Walmart is always on the list. You have to be there early and be ready to get what you need.

A few things I have learned about Black Friday Shopping.

-A lot of them start early now its not waking up early any more its about staying up late so don’t eat too much turkey.

– Have a list ready for what you want and what departments they are in.

-If you want more than one Black Friday sale item bring people with you to shop with. A lot of places limit you to one and have a different line for each item.

– Dress warm you may be waiting outside for quite a long time.

– Do your research know what items to get where and when so you are not at the wrong place at the wrong time.

– Some items you can get online without leaving. If the business has set up a method of online payment, perhaps by utilizing the system offered by QPay Europe, then virtual transactions should make credit card processing secure, simple, and reliable for customers looking to grab a deal during Black Friday.

– There is no guarantee if you are shopping online or in store that you are going to get what you went there for.

– Last piece of advice. Everyone is looking for a deal be nice and be ready for grumpy people. Don’t be one of them.

If you are not going for the big-ticket items, but you are going for the Stocking Stuffers and toys then Walmart is an awesome place to start. I get the boys all their holiday Pajamas there every year and they are an awesome deal. Last year they were below $5 and they even had matching adult ones. I always hit the middle isles for great movie and video game deals. Then there are the extras like socks and under shirts for the lowest price you will ever see.

Always look for the discount codes if you are shopping online. From T. V’s to ROKU and so many more if you are looking for the big electronics hit the big retailers like Walmart first if you miss out on that deal head to the next. This is your time to save big for the year.

Now that you have your black Friday shopping list ready and are in the stores and done a little more info. If you can combine orders with a friend then split up after do it. The lines are huge and everyone that pairs up it one less transaction to make. When you are done make sure you have plans for some food and relax. You have been running around or typing around all night there is no way you are going straight to sleep. Last bit of advice hide it all before the family gets up. Have a place already in mind. There is nothing worse then getting the perfect present and having them find it because you did not hide it.