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    Bella Viva Orchards Sample Box Review

This time of year we have a ton of BBQs about to be planed and get together what is a better hostess present then a fantastic sampler box from Bella Viva.  Your host can choose to put it out for guests or keep it as a fantastic treat for themselves when everyone goes home.  Not only is the box it comes in cute and re usable but it comes with an assortment of Mixed Nuts, Mixed Fruits, Mixed Chocolates.  After they are done eating all the fantastic treats they can use the box for paper work or memories.  This fantastic sampler sells for just $29.00.   This is a fantastic price for such a wonderful gift. 

  I have to admit when I got it I had never tries some of these fantastic dried fruits.  I was surprised on how much a ton of them tastes like candy.  I could totally eat these as an everyday snack.  The mixed nuts are fantastic and a high protein treat that will not pack on the pounds.  The chocolate covered fruit and nuts is a fantastic night time craving snack I could not get enough of.  Everything in this sampler box was fantastic. 

  If you are looking to lose some LBS or just keep off the weight off this is a must snack pack to get.  Everything in here s perfect for on the go and you will not feel guilty after a workout snacking on a few of these.  If you are looking for snacks to get your kids that are healthier these are a fantastic way to go. Start with this sampler box find out what is their favorite then stock up on the ones they loved. 

  I love Bella Viva and would recommend them to everyone.  Even this red meat and potato loving girl fell in love.

To make this even better they have offered our readers a 10% off code tabbys. This will be good from 2/7/15-3/7/15

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.