The Man Shop BAE Cologne

Have you been looking for a fantastic gift for him this year?  Cologne is a great gift for not only him, but for you too.  Who does not like their man to smell fantastic?  The man shop Bae Cologne is not only priced great but smells fantastic.

Now when I first opened it I though well this is not the Cologne for us.  I forgot to give it a minute to breath all I could smell was the original kinds alcohol smell.  You know that one.  The one every cologne and perfume smells like on the fist spray.  Hubby said let me try and sprayed it again and bam I could not actually smell it. Lol

The Man Shop, a Men’s grooming and niche fragrance maker based in New York. Their Bae Men’s Cologne is wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift. It’s made in the workshop and is a warm, bay rum-inspired cologne.  Which is funny because I had no idea where it was based from and the first thing I thought was wow this smells like the guys from NY.  I love NY there is a special something about it and this cologne reminded me of it right away.