An Introduction To Dermarolling

When you think of improving wrinkles and fine lines on the face, the thought of microneedling probably never crosses your mind. Needles on the face sounds painful, right? The thing is that it really works. After trying it, you’ll discover for yourself that it doesn’t need to be painful. Plus it’s really affordable.

Of course, you don’t want to run right out and purchase a dermaroller, at least not until you learn about the basics. There are certain facts you need to know to get the best results. Let’s take a look at what the microneedling process is all about.

What is microneedling?

The process of microneedling is one in which tiny, medical-grade needles are rolled across the skin to create micro-injuries. This non-invasive procedure uses a rejuvapen to make the tiny injuries. You can visit to learn more about the rejuvapen process. The purpose of these tiny wounds is to encourage collagen production. When the skin is injured, it reacts by producing collagen and elastins to repair and replace damaged cells. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear and the skin looks younger. I wouldn’t judge anyone if they wanted to undergo treatment like this, especially if you are in the hands of professionals such as Dr. Sachin Shridharani, who would be able to get your skin looking healthier and younger. That’s all we want at the end of the day when it comes to our skin. Microneedling costs far less than spa treatments using a cosmetic-machines .

A dermaroller is a device used to perform microneedling. The barrel shaped end of the roller is covered in very fine needles and is rolled across the surface of the skin. The dermapen is a pen shaped device with a small cluster of needles on the end that are stamped into the skin. A dermastamp is similarly shaped, but with a larger cluster of needles. The dermapen and dermastamp are used on areas where precision is important like around the eyes or when treating small areas.

Selecting a Dermaroller

Start with checking the reviews on personal dermarollers before purchasing one. Do not choose one just because it’s cheap. The dermaroller needs to be a quality device from a reputable source. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are quality dermarollers on the market that are inexpensive.

Why are you purchasing a microneedling device? If it is for the facial area, select a small needle size of less than .3mm to avoid going too deep. For treatments requiring larger needles, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic clinic. The larger needle dermarollers can result in injuries due to improper use.

Products to use with Dermarollers

Besides the dermaroller, there are other products to use and keep on-hand. Numbing cream and serums can be used in conjunction with the treatment to improve the treatment. Although it isn’t painful, using a dermaroller at home can be uncomfortable for some people with a very low tolerance for pain. An anaesthetic or numbing cream can be applied to the skin prior to using the roller to help with that.

Serums can be used to boost the benefits of using a dermaroller. Definitely use products like collagen or vitamin infused serums Don’t use multiple products in the same treatment as it may cause a negative reaction. Also, don’t use anything without verifying it should be used with the microneedling process. Usually, full strength products like retinol or minoxidil can cause irritations or reactions.

How to use Dermarollers

Start by cleaning the dermaroller, the surface area, and your skin. Apply the numbing agent, if desired, allowing time for it to begin working. Apply the serum. If using the dermaroller, gently roll it across your skin side to side, up and down, then diagonally. Using this application pattern, repeat over the entire area in small patches. Take extra care in sensitive areas like the lips and underneath the eyes. Reapply the serum.

If using a dermapen or dermastamp, apply carefully to the area by stamping twice in the same patch. While these tools are helpful when applying to a sensitive area, they are best when used on the scalp. Using a dermaroller on the scalp is an easy way to tear out hair by mistake. The stamp or pen allow for careful application without the hair getting tangled.

Remember to replace the microneedling device once a month. The needles dull with use and only sharp ones work well in the process.