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Sashka CO

I am always looking for that perfect piece of jewelry.  The problem is I don’t want to spend a fortune and I am very picky.  I am allergic to metal so unless its 14k gold I break out and swell.  When I got the chance to check out Sashka Co  I was so excited.  There was no metal touching skin and they looked beautiful.  Now for the next big question, for this price was I really going to get ripped off?

Sashka CO

You all know how this one goes you find something beautiful and for a great price.  Normally when you are buying from the internet this means you are going to get ripped off.  I was excited when they came to see not only are they as beautiful in real life as they were in the picture, but there was also no hidden cost.  These truly are amazing jewelry at an amazing price.

Sashka CO

I was even more amazed that after I put in my order I got e-mailed awesome sales deals.  They are already a fantastic price so for an even better price how can you beat that.  Now I want to let you know I did get these to review, but I loved them so much I already placed another order.  I got a few of these to give out to friends for Christmas.  They are beautiful stylish and a great price you cannot go wrong.

Sashka CO

I got these free in exchange for an honest review.

Use code TABBYSPANTRY for 25%off and free shipping Head here to start shopping


Sashka Co. has been featured in the Oscars, Today show,, E Online, Cosmo, Glamour and many more


  1. Absolutely a pleasure to deal with this company and their wonderful, colorful bracelets. They are light weight and easy to wear and even sleep in. The colors and designs are super. I have about 12 right now and have saved 6 for Christmas gifts. Long live Sasha & Co.

  2. I love these braclets I have a very tiny wrist and they fit just right not to big.

  3. I love my Sasha Co. glass_bead bracelets. I’ve got eight and want more. I love that my purchases help the women of Nepal. I wear them every day.

  4. I am 77 years young and I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry. I saw your ad and immediately had to order. That was the hard part; deciding what color and style. I eventually ordered 3 and received three free. They arrived in cute little blue bags. I wear one everyday and it makes me feel special. Such a variety and well made ! I will be ordering more!

  5. I love these bracelets. Bought some gor gifts for coworkers, some for the my daughter’s wedding party and of course some for myself! Do much fun to mix and match.

  6. I want more! They are so fun! I bought several. Lots of compliments.

  7. The bracelets look beautiful – I saw 5 or 6 in beautiful colors that I would LOVE to own .

  8. I adore your bracelets and would like to buy some of them in the guture. You are sold out of the ones I would like to order. Thank you.

  9. I have never worn these bracelets but I really would love to they look so comfortable and very stylish thank you for popping up on my Facebook page

  10. I just ordered two for a friend’s birthday. They are beautiful & arrived before I expected them too. I have two & look forward to ordering more. I am happy to know the sale of these are helping the women of Nepal.

  11. I just ordered three bracelets but did not get my 25% discount .

  12. I have at least 15 and am not done. I love the color variety’s, solid or patterns. All beautiful. I get so many compliments and so many ladies want to try them on. Very easy on and easy off.

  13. I love these bracelets. I have bought several and am now waiting for another order. the little sacks they come in make them extra especially when you give them as gifts. My Granddaughter and my two daughters are allergic to metal so these are great for them. I thought they would be two small, but just like they tell you to just roll them across your hand, they fit perfect. I will keep buying them.

  14. I’ve already bought around a dozen of these bracelets. I love them! They don’t get stuck in my keyboard at work, always look great and are very reasonably priced!

    • Hi Tammy, They do have a limited amount of each design because they are each hand made, so they will sell out fast. But keep an eye out for more stock they are always adding more.

  15. I’m happy with everything I have ordered. I have ordered a few for Christmas gifts. Thanks again for making these affordable and beautiful ?

  16. They are so cool the bracelets I love them so many colors I can’t stop every day more colors have many help addicting bracelets ?

  17. They are the most pretty bracelets so many colors love them they are very addicting can’t stop and not real expensive the best to wear easy roll on roll off give them a try u will feel the same ?

  18. I have purchased quite a few of these gorgeous bracelets. I’m “older” & dress old-school, meaning I like my outfits and accessories to match. I have also bought several for gifts as they are reasonable in price; battling cancer as well as a high-risk cardiac problem, I don’t have much extra money. Thank you for beautiful bracelets that also are helping them women I other parts of the world.

  19. I love these bracelets, I wear 2-3 everyday. They are very comfortable and never get in the way. I have a hard time deciding which ones to order, I have 16 and will keep ordering. I like that buying them help women of Nepal.

  20. Better late than never, thank you for seeing that I️ got my discount! I️ love each and every bracelet! ❤️

  21. I ordered some gave them to my friends and my friends are buying some for there friend and we are keeping the ball rolling. I would buy more but l am not afford to buy more maybe next year. I still have a couple of more friends but they have to wait. I love mine.

  22. It’s so neat how they just roll right on and they don’t bite you anywhere-AND they feel so warm and like a part of you! Need more!!

  23. I have lost count of how many bracelets I have ordered, not only for myself, but for friends for Christmas this year! I always check to see if there are new colors, and if there are…. there I go!!!
    You have a customer for life! Great to keep in case you need a quick little gift at the last minute!

  24. These are beautiful! I love the colors and I also love beaded jewelry! I love how you can just mix n match to get the perfect combo!

  25. I still have some bracelets like these from high school. We used to make them and trade them. These colorful attractive bracelets are stylish and go with most outfits. They would make a great gift ?

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