The Addams Family Movie Review

We got The Addams Family Movie free in exchange for an honest review. All Opinions are our own

Most of us know The Addams Family we have loved them for years.  When The Addams Family Movie came out I was so excited all of our favorite weird and crazy friends are back.  We start off as earlier then we have ever seen.  It is the most romantic couples wedding.  As they are run off of their home they are trying to find a new place to live and to hopefully raise a family.

When they finally find their perfect home they have some great bliss full years.  Then all of the sudden everything starts to change. A neighbor hood goes up next to their house and Wednesday decides she would like to go to school.  As the school starts to change Wednesday she also starts to change a few of the girls at the school.

Parker is now Wednesdays new best friend, but her mom is not someone we like.  As her moms tries to get the Addams run out of town the two girls become better and better friends.  Will the Addams get to stay?

I love that this movie has all the same fun as our old shows.  They are still trying to destroy each other and have a blast doing it.  With plants that try to eat people and crazy family and friends this movie was a blast.



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