5 Things You Didn’t Know About Special Guest App


Special Guest App is a platform where talent and venues can come together and fulfill their needs for live entertainment. The talent simply makes a profile and fills it out with information about themselves and their act. This information usually includes a biography, details about their performances, and their rates. Venues then search for local talent and contact performers directly from their talent page. This is a great way for both talent and venues to fulfill their needs. Most people know the basis of what Special Guest is all about, but what they don’t know are some of the smaller details about the platform. Here are five things you didn’t know about Special Guest App.


The Founders

A little known fact about Special Guest App is that the platform was actually founded by star Damon Wayans Jr and serial investor Kris Jones. Wayans Jr is an absolute star that has a long history in the entertainment industry. Also Kris Jones is an extremely experienced businessman and investor. Together they have created Special Guest App in order to better the entertainment industry and forever change the way we look at live performances.

Famous Performers

Many people know that there are a lot of talented acts on the Special Guest platform, but few people know that several famous performers also use the platform. Located on the Special Guest platform are several talented acts that have starred in movies, television shows, albums, and records. These performers can really spice up a live event, so if you need a big act to tie your event together then you should definitely look into working with one of the many famous performers on Special Guest App.


Expanding Locations

Special Guest App is expanding to a wide variety of locations throughout the United States. This is a great opportunity as it widens the talent pool and provides local talent with a lot of opportunities to perform. This also means that Special Guest App is becoming more relevant and can help even more talented individuals find work. Be on the lookout for Special Guest App expanding to a location near you!

Ability To Leave Reviews

Special Guest App allows users to leave detailed reviews on the profiles of talent that they have previously worked with. These reviews typically include a five star rating system and a text post. Looking at these reviews are a great way to see what an act is like and how they were received by past venues. By using these reviews, users can find the perfect act to hire. These reviews may not be a well known feature on the Special Guest platform, but they sure are helpful!


Its Free

Special Guest App is free to sign up for and begin searching for talent. Simply go to the mobile application or the website and sign up for free, When you choose an act and settle on a deal, Special Guest App will earn a small portion of the payment. However, simply using the app to browse talent or creating your own talent profile is absolutely free.