5 things we wish we thought of before buying our house

Technically this is my parents’ house, but we rent it and we helped shop for it. It’s funny we did all the normal when looking at the house, but who knew that there are a few things we never thought of until we moved into the house. Here are a few of the things we never thought to look for or ask until after we had moved in.

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Look at the closets

Yes, I know we checked out the closets in the bed room, but did not even think to look any further. When we moved in and started unpacking guess what, there is no hall closet. I was walking around with my towels when I finally realized. So, check out additional storage when looking for your house. How many other closets and how big are they.

Get names and numbers

We moved from California to Colorado so we did not know any names or number. We should have gotten the names and numbers of qualified electricians, plow guys, cable and everyone else. Instead as soon as we needed one we had to start going through the phone book and hope we had called the right people to do the job.

Living space vs. Garage space

Our house looks huge, but truthfully the living space is really small. The garage is a double RV garage and the whole bottom floor. So, yea we have a place to put our cars and store our boxes, but for living space not so much. It’s not something I thought of till after we were unpacking. Still, it means there is a lot we can do with our garage, so we have that to look forward to. One improvement we could make is the garage door itself. If you use your garage as much as we plan to, you’ll want a high-quality door to ensure good access to the garage at all times. We’ve heard that a business like Garage Door Guru is a reputable company in Queens Village NY, so if you are living in that area and looking to invest in your garage, they may be the team to talk to.

Outside area

I love to garden and I loved how much area we had around the house. When I finally got out there and started digging I realized noting was going to grow here. Now only do we live on a hill, no flat areas at all. It is also filled with rocks. I cannot even plant a little flower without hitting huge rocks. So, natural landscape it is. I also have to weed whack the whole yard no lawn mowers, too uneven and too many rocks. Let’s not even talk about when it snows.

I know these are just a few things that don’t seem too big, but why not have them in your head when you are heading out to buy your house, or speaking with Letting Agents, so you don’t have to worry? It makes life a little easier if you consider these details when thinking about where to go and what to settle on, after all. What else would you add to the list?