Zzzzz…. Tips To Help You Stay Awake At Work

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Even if your job is extremely tedious, there is no excuse for you to start falling asleep at your desk! In fact, if you do find your eyelids getting very heavy regularly when you are meant to be hard at work, it could be time to sort out your sleep patterns. Your business may be investing in better it help desk solutions and you will therefore need to be on the ball! Unfortunately, trying to get more sleep of better quality isn’t going to happen overnight. It often takes considerable time. But there are various ways you can help yourself stay awake at work until you do start getting some better quality zzzzs. Here are some fantastic ideas.

Improve Your Bedroom

Even though you can’t fix your sleep patterns overnight, you will find that improving your bedroom can help you relax better which can help increase your energy levels through the day. Replacing an old mattress and ensuring you have a cozy duvet and some comfortable pillows can help you to relax and unwind in bed, even if you don’t find it any easier to drop off. As you will be comfortable, you can relax and snooze, which can greatly improve your energy levels the next day even if you don’t increase the amount of sleep you get.

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Grab A Coffee

If you are sitting at your desk and you feel particularly sleepy, take a quick walk to the office kitchen and grab a coffee. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which can keep your mind wide awake. The caffeine is a chemical that charges the brain and gives it a little boost. Thanks to this naturally occurring chemical in coffee, your concentration will improve, and your feelings of lethargy will reduce. Undoubtedly, coffee tastes better when it’s from a professional brewer. If there are many of you that drink coffee, you could put forward the suggestion of buying a coffee maker for the office. There are many resources online that offer advice on the best and most up to date machines for your needs, such as Sonomasum showing best Coffee Brewers. However, you shouldn’t always rely on coffee to keep you awake. If you drink a lot of coffee or other caffeinated drinks over a long period of time, your body and brain will build up a resistance. That means that you will need to drink a lot more cups of coffee before you feel the energizing effects of the caffeine.

Take A Walk

There have been lots of scientific studies carried out that have looked into the effect that walking has on our energy levels. And the results look very promising! Most studies have shown that a twenty-minute walk can effectively decrease fatigue and improve energy levels. So, whenever you get the chance, it’s a good idea to take a break from your desk and wander around the office, even if it is just to the kitchen to grab a drink or snack. It’s a good idea to take a walk during your lunch break after you have eaten as well. We all know how important breaks are and especially if your workplaces have staff rota systems put in place, the idea of managing fatigue within employees can set help limits to how long your work and also monitor breaks too. That way you can get a big burst of energy that will see you through the afternoon until the end of the day!

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Look Away From The Screen

Do you know how long you have been looking at your computer screen for right now? If you have been staring at the screen constantly for twenty minutes or more, you need to look away. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of developing a headache, eye strain, and fatigue. You will be able to refresh your eyes and your mind if you look away, even if it is just for ten seconds. Ideally, you need to focus on something far away so it could be worth looking out of the window to see what you see.

Stay Hydrated

It is super important that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. There are lots of health benefits that come with good hydration. For instance, it can help you to feel fuller so that you won’t snack as often throughout the day. It can also help to detox your body and flush out all manner of toxins from your body. Not only that, though, but drinking plenty of water can help to keep you wide awake. You should think of your body as a car. And what do cars need in order to go? Gas! Water is the gas you need to put in your car to ensure it runs at full speed. So be sure to keep a bottle of water at your desk throughout the day to ensure you always have something to drink!
Hopefully, you will have found plenty of great tips in this blog post to help you stay wide awake whenever you are working at your desk. Your boss won’t keep on pestering you for looking so tired now, either! You never know, he may recommend you for that promotion you’ve got your eye on!

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