There is nothing my little guy loves more than animals and balloons.  So when I saw Zooballoos I knew my son would love them.  As you can see from our video he had a blast.  Of course I keep on calling them Zoo Balloons because that what my son keep on saying but they are Zooballoos.  Its funny how we can know the word or name for something and still get it in our head that it is something else .lol

Zooballoos came in these cute hear or circle stands.  When you ope them up you not only get the list of what can be inside , but the surprises continue with a purple bag.  Inside the bag will be your new little friend and a balloon that inflates its self when you smack it.

Once you hit the balloon the balloon inflates and pops out with confetti.  If you are looking for a cute surprise toy for their Easter Basket you can not go wrong with Zooballoos.

My son had a blast with them. You can find them at Walmart and Target.

We got Zooballoos for free I was not required to do a review but how could I not they are awesome.