X-Men Dark Phoenix

  We got X-Men Dark Phoenix digital to review in exchange for an honest review


We are huge X-Men fans.  I have seen everyone out and have read the comics for years.  If you don’t keep up with them all you can get a little behind.  Bad guys are now good , good guys are now bad,  Everyone is mad at someone and their is always something new happening.

  Now for those wondering what happened between this one and the last one and the shows, sorry no we don’t find out what happened yet and why all the X-Men are underground and gone.  I don’t know about you, but I am hoping for a new one soon with those answers.

  Have you always wondered how Jean Grey got to become and X-Men?  How someone so powerful made it as a kid?  Well then you are about to get a few answered with X-Men Dark Phoenix.  Any of us that read the comics and watched the cartoon know about the Dark Phoenix now we are getting a little more inside information about how she became to be.

  This X-Men brings us back to the beginning when Jean grey is a little girl.  We see how she got to the school and a little about her life.  Then we jump ahead to when she is a x-Men and see how she handles that.  We see exactly how she became the Dark Phoenix.

  When Jean goes looking for help, she ends up with an old favorite who lets her down.  This is when people start to pick sides and the action really begins.

   If you are a X-Men lover then this is a must add to your collection.